воскресенье, 25 октября 2015 г.

Hello Everyone,

I am 22 year old pure blonde with slender figure, long legs and small tits. la prostitución en Madrid I am not that exceptionally beautiful, but quite a tigress in bed.
I am well suited to date if you need a friendship cum love service. You can visit my apartment to talk about your feelings after office. I will make a drink for you on arrival, fondle your hair or stroke your cheek to make you comfortable. After that, I will sit close beside you so that you can share your feelings with me. Once you have lightened yourself with emotional talking stuff; I will submit myself completely to you so that you can kiss me from top to bottom and later enjoy me in any position you desire.
My love skills include whole body kissing, sensual massage, and shower experience, playing erotic games with you in bed etc. Finally, I give you heaven like moment through KS or missionary position.
Please call my agency or drop an email to get a date with me. I would love to play your willing girlfriend for some hours.

My sex story
It is considered an honor in our profession when a high profile man seeks your service.  Most of the time, as an escort we met young professionals or geeks who do not have experience of approaching woman.  But as an escort, our preference is high profile men because they spend lavishly on us and treat us like a queen.
One day, thanks to my lucky stars, a Minister from India liked my sensual photos and decided to book my service for whole weekend. I spend 2 nights in 5 star hotel where I was treated like a queen.
First, we went to famous tourist places in Moscow where I acted like a good host. We visited Kremlin, Red Square, Pushkin Museum, Cathedral of Christ Saviour etc.  In night, we came back to hotel room to have dinner and later went to hotel room to have a great time.
As he shut his suit room and kept a board outside “do not disturb”, I knew now was the time for real action. He made me sit on his soft bed, made me a glass of wine to relax my nerves and then unzipped my dress. Soon, I was in my undergarments. For some time, he kept on looking at my gorgeous body; then he laid me down on bed and gave me deep kisses on my soft lips. While his mouth was moving inside mine, his right hand cupped my left breasts. Soon, he unhooked my bra and my breasts were wide open in front of him.
He kept on fondling my nipples till they were erected and then start sucking them like a baby. He kissed and sucked my tits moving fastly from one breasts to another. His hands went straight to my pussy area where he stared massaging it gently. I shook with excitement when his hands gently rub my pussy area. After satisfying him from breasts, he move down to my smooth stomach and started kissing it ferociously. His lips were moving on every portion of my stomach and navel while his hands played with my tits.
After satisfying his thirst from kissing, he spread my legs apart and inserted his middle finger inside my vagina.  I started sweating as well as breathed heavily as his finger rotated inside my vagina. He didn’t stop at this; he inserted two more fingers inside my vagina taking my excitement to a new high. Soon, I cum inside my vagina. Seeing my vagina enough lubricated, the guy spread my legs apart and put them on his shoulder. He lifted me a little from pelvis area so that he could insert his cock inside my vagina with ease. He pushed his cock gently inside my vagina, He moved slowly at a moderate speed so that I don’t get hurt at all. Soon after, he rotated his cock in all directions till he ejaculated inside my body. Now, both of us were sexually sated and went to a deep sleep after done with so many things.
Next day, we hanged out again and in evening, he went back to his country. The guy was really sweet as he paid every bill of mine. It was first time, I was treated like a queen and I cherished every moment of it. I hope he came back again to make me queen for one night again.

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